Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Movement Zivildiplomatie.
Permanent representative of MKGD and MFGI in Germany.








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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

  I am sincerely glad to greet all visitors of my site and thank you in advance for visiting it!

 Best regards, Evgeny Nikonov, the author of the site.


My hobbies

The main hobby of my life is the civil diplomacy. In April 13, 2008 in Moscow I was elected termless as the Ambassador of the International Movement of the Civil Diplomacy by the International Forum of Civil Diplomacy (IFCD). As a delegated responsibility I was given the right to speak on behalf of the International Movement of the Civil Diplomacy. For the ascetic activities I was awarded the International Diploma of Reverence and Gratitude. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Yach captain.    



 Freelance inspector of Kuzova archipelago (the White Sea).  I participated in three naval expeditions as a part of The International Arctic expedition of Institute of cultural and natural heritage named after D. S. Likhachev  which purpose was to study the White sea Islands: Solovki, Kuzova Archipelago. The results were reflected in scientific MAKE publications.


The main curator of the museum: "Kemsky Transit-Distribution Point (Kemperpunkt)

  - the entryway of the Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp (SLON). "


The head of two Russian-German projects: "Reconciliation over Memorial Plates" and "Preservation 


and development of the maritime culture of Pomorye."


In the past I was candidate master of sports in skiing and boxing.  For 10 years I had been the captain of the amateur football team. We played in the wonderful village of Repino (near St. Petersburg).


And in the present time I am writing essays and stories about all these, which will form the bases of the following books:The miracles and the mysteries of Pomorye,



 In the Homeland of  the White SLON



The Karelian Diplomat under the general name: "Popov Island".


In 2014 I published a collection of news bulletins dedicated to the activities of the German-Russian Center of the International Committee Zivildiplomatie ( Civil Diplomacy) over the past 10 years. Presentation of the book was in the city of Baden-Baden (Germany).

Work experience

1960  Russia, Republic of Karelia, Rabocheostrovsk . Worker of the Kemsky sawmill.

1961 Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Student of the Leningrad Technological Institute.

1967 Russia, Saint-Petersburg.  Engineer - designer of the plant "Krasnoznamenets design department.

1969 The Belarusian Military District. The commander of the technical unit. Awarded the medal For military valor.

1972 Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Senior engineer of the patent and license Department, head of design Institute Lengipromez group. Theme of the candidate dissertation: the System of operational management and control over the design of metallurgical plants.

1979 Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Head of Department of standardization and quality, Deputy chief engineer of the Association Lenavtoremont.

1982 Russia, Amur oblast. The chief engineer of the gold mining enterprise Selemdzha  of  Amurzoloto Association.  

1989 Saint Petersburg. Chief engineer of road construction cooperative Avtodorstroy.

1990 Saint - Petersburg. Director of state enterprise Scientific - social project.

1993 Russia, Republic of Karelia. The founder of a private woodworking company NICK.

Public international activities

1978 Lecturer in international relations (Saint-Petersburg Society "Knowledge").

1994 President of the Karelian Fund of humanitarian initiatives. Republic Of Karelia (Russia).

1994 Elected as member of the Russian geographical society (St. Petersburg).

1995 Real member of International Academy of Informatization at the UN (Moscow).

1996 Coordinator of the International Committee of the civil (people's) diplomacy (Moscow).

1997 Real member of the Philosophy-economic academic meeting of Moscow State University (Moscow).

1997 External Advisor to the Ministry of foreign relations of the Republic of Karelia (Russia).

1998 Member of the Board of the International Foundation of humanitarian initiatives (Moscow).

1999 Chairman of the North - Western interregional branch of the International Committee of Civil Diplomacy (Saint Petersburg, Petrozavodsk).

2002 Chairman of the German - Russian Center of the International Committee of Civil Diplomacy (Berlin).

2008 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the civil diplomacy (Moscow).

2011-2014 Advisor to the head of Kemsky municipal district of the Karelia Republic on foreign relations (Republic of Karelia). For the big contribution in socially - economic development of the district and promoting the authority of the Kemsky district beyond awarded with diplomas and a medal.

2015-2017 Board Member of the Berlin branch of the party "Unity"( The direction of my activities: the improvement of Russian -German relations.

2017 The Head of the International school  Zivildiplomatie (Civil Diplomacy).


1967  Graduated from the Leningrad Order of the Red Banner of Labour Technological Institute after the name                          of Leningrad Council.

Specialty: engineer-mechanic on the equipment of chemical plants.

1971 Graduated with honors from the common faculty three-year evening University in Pukhovichi GDO (Republic of Belarus) and received a degree in a higher political education.

1973 Graduated from the school of lecturers-methodologists  of the Leningrad branch of the society "Knowledge" of the RSFSR and received public qualification: lecturer-methodologist.

1975 Graduated from the faculty of advanced training of CIPK  executives and experts of ferrous metallurgy in the direction of "Economics and production management, metal manufacturing, design". Was given the excellent marks for the final work on the topic: "Designing of metallurgical plants".

1976 Graduated from the Department of standardization of the all-Union Institute of advanced training of managerial engineering and technical personnel in the field of standardization, production quality and Metrology (VISM). Presented the final paper on the topic: "Product quality managing in the industry."

1978 Graduated from the faculty of advanced training LIPK for managers and specialists of the electrotechnical industry in the framework of standardization and systems ESKD, ESTD and ESTPP. Presented the final paper with excellent marks.

1979 Graduated from the faculty of International relations of the Leningrad University, a lecturer at the Leningrad branch of the society "Knowledge" of the RSFSR. Specialty: lecturer in international relations.

1983 Graduated from the advanced training faculty of the Leningrad mining Institute after the name of Plekhanov,        specialty: "Chiefs and chief engineers of underground mines". He presented with honors the final work:"Improvement of the technology and complex mechanization of underground mining of ore deposits".

1984 Graduated from a year's course at the Leningrad mining Institute. Plekhanov with the assignment of rights of mining, drilling and blasting in the mines for the extraction of gold.

1996 Graduated from two years` courses of the Imperial yacht club (Leningrad) with the right of independent management of the yacht.

2002 Graduated from the German course "Deutsch als Fremdsprache als Akademiker" Berlitz in Berlin.

Evgeny was born in the Republic of Karelia (Russia) and contributes to enhancing the image of the Republic abroad. That`s why we call Evgeny Nikonov the people's (Karelian) diplomat.


Diko N.S., Chairman of the coordination Council of the International Committee of civil diplomacy.